How To Select the Right Board Meeting Minutes Software?

Whether it’s a monthly board meeting, a weekly face-to-face meeting, or a brainstorming session, it is very important to select the right board meeting minutes software.

Top 5 the Right Board Meeting Minutes Software

One of the advantages of choosing the right board meeting minutes software is that it provides employees with loyalty to the decision. Even if a firm authoritarian style prevails in the company, the attitude of employees to a decision made after discussion will be more loyal. Especially if the leader explains reasonably why it is necessary to do this. In contrast to the situation when the same decision was simply handed down “from above”, and people have no opportunity to express their attitude towards it, except on the sidelines.

To choose the right board meetings minutes software it is recommended to choose one of the following:

  1. Google Docs.
  2. Scrivener.
  3. OmniOutliner.
  4. Evernote.
  5. Scapple.

In addition, the right board meeting minutes software allows you to leverage the resources of the group to find the best solution. As you know, one head is good, but ten is better. Again, even in a situation of an authoritarian management style (when the decision is made by the formal leader alone), the meeting allows you to expand the “problem field” of the current situation and, more importantly, to increase the number of options for solving the problem. It would seem that it is unprofitable to have a non-functioning council, since the market capitalization of companies with a low quality of corporate governance.

The Main Advantages to Consider while Selecting the Right Board Meeting Minutes Software

Choose the right board meeting minutes software of implementing the next advantages:

  1. The time for preparing the meeting is reduced by 4 times since the coordination of the agenda, familiarization of the participants with the agenda, and additional materials is carried out in the electronic form.
  2. Employees plan their time: Meetings are automatically embedded in the calendar, and attendees receive meeting reminders. This helps employees not miss meetings or be late.
  3. The system helps to prepare qualitatively for the meeting: to agree on the agenda with the participants in advance, to collect materials, presentations, to familiarize the participants with them.
  4. Meeting times are cut by 30% thanks to quality preparation and a consistent agenda.
  5. Employees quickly start implementing decisions made at the meeting, as the time for preparing and agreeing on the protocol is reduced.
  6. Thanks to control over the implementation of decisions made, the effectiveness of working meetings are increased by 70%.
  7. If an assignment based on the results of a meeting needs to be completed periodically (for example, once a week), the system will remind the executors of this each time.
  8. The right board meeting minutes software helps to avoid organizational overlaps: it provides reservations for meeting rooms, informs participants about changes in the agenda, postponements.
  9. The right board meeting minutes software analyzes the effectiveness of the meetings on the knowledge base: how effectively the issues on the selected topic (for example, “Labor protection”), discussed at the meetings during the period (for example, for a year), have been resolved.
  10. The right board meeting minutes software is integrated with the board. Integration with a corporate portal based on MS SharePoint, CRM systems (Bitrix 24, etc.) is configured.